How Kinesiology can help you to heal

I’ve found that when I meet new people and talk about my work, I’m often introducing Kinesiology to them for the first time. Some haven’t heard the term before. Others have but don’t understand what it means. I get all kinds of reactions. In this post, I’m going to talk you through the principles of Kinesiology and help you understand how it works.

The principles of Kinesiology

The style of Kinesiology that I work with is all encompassing as I honour all of the parts of the clients I work with. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of each person are all addressed.

The clients I work with often come to me because they feel that something is blocking their progress in life, but they don’t understand why. I help them to identify where that blockage is so that they can release it. It’s a bit like giving them a key to unlock a door and face what’s on the other side.

People are often surprised that I aim to tap into their sub-conscious during treatment. They wonder what on earth their memories could have to do with their current ailments. We don’t always recognise how much the past can influence the present. I think of the sub-conscious as a library. There’s lots of information in there but we don’t always access it. Kinesiology allows us to reconnect with those memories and the emotions that we’ve locked away.

How does Kinesiology work?

During treatment sessions I use muscle testing to find out where imbalances are. Clients will often come to me with physical ailments so I start by working with the physical body. I’m often able to advise clients on any nutritional deficiencies, but it doesn’t stop there. Physical symptoms always have an emotional aspect to them. An emotional imbalance anchors itself into the physical because the emotions and memories haven’t been processed. Muscle testing enables me to have a conversation with all of the elements – it really is magical!

When I start delving into a client’s emotional story, we can build up a picture of what’s holding them back. It could be something that’s buried far back in childhood, or even trauma experienced in the womb! Understanding what happened and whether another person is involved helps to start the healing process.

What happens next?

Firstly, I muscle test to identify where the energy blockage is. I use many different techniques to shift the blockage. One of those is through the matrix system of energy lines that are also used in acupuncture. We stimulate the point by tapping it. I also encourage clients to focus on the emotions that we’ve identified so they can be released. Acknowledging everything that’s going on makes the process very powerful. It also means that clients can continue the process at home.

When clients continue to tap after the session is over, they often report having flashbacks and vivid dreams. It shows that things they’ve hidden away are rising up from their subconscious and being released.

Clients are often surprised to rediscover emotions that they’ve blocked out. It’s OK if that happens. The process will allow these memories to rise to consciousness and enables you to open up and reconnect.

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