Discover the magic of Kinesiology and shift the underlying causes of physical, emotional and mental stress held within the body.

Hi I’m Emma

Working with women who struggle to achieve their goals and helping them manifest and create the fulfilling life they desire is my passion.

It absolutely lights me up to see clients living life in alignment with their authentic selves, knowing they are worth it, and experiencing flow and ease in all that they do.

Over the last 13 years I have honed the art of aligning with my authentic self and filtering all decisions I make from this space. Bringing awareness to my childhood wounds and shadow, that once created obstacles to achieving my dreams, I have paved the way to manifesting a life rich in meaning, taking conscious action that resonates with my deepest desires.

Imagine the sense of empowerment and confidence that comes from knowing you CAN manifest and achieve your goals. Picture yourself in the driver’s seat of your life, no longer living a half-life or feeling that life is happening to you, but actively steering and creating the life you truly desire.

Let’s create the path to your Empowered Self together.

Emma x

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