Emma’s Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science Hons Psychology
  • Master of Science Hons Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Certified Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Practitioner
  • Certified Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Instructor
  • Diploma in Systematic Kinesiology
  • Transformational Kinesiology Optimal Integration Foundation

Meet Emma

I’m Emma Henry. I have always been fascinated by Psychology and the intricacies of the mind and human behaviour.

So much so, that I embarked on a journey earning me a First Class Honours BSc in Pscychology, followed by an MSc in Behaviour Analysis.

This led me to the renowned NECC in Boston, USA where I was involved in research and work in the field of Behaviour Analysis, shaping my expertise in this field.

Upon returning to Northern Ireland, I worked in several roles within psychology teams in the education and health sectors.

Though fulfilling, I sensed there was more to explore, a missing piece waiting to be discovered.

That quest led me to Kinesiology, the study of muscle movement to unearth stress within the body.


Kinesiology became my gateway to the concealed aspects of psychology that traditional methods couldn’t quite reach, allowing me to delve deeper into the root causes of mental and emotional challenges.

My focus now lies in working with women who face difficulties in achieving their goals.

Guiding them to manifest and create the fulfilling lives they desire is not just my profession; its my passion.

I am dedicated to empowering women, helping them connect with and heal trauma, pain, shame, low self-worth, and conditioned beliefs.

This transformative journey enables them to take aligned action, allowing them to step into their desired reality.

I believe that true fulfilment extends beyond material wealth; it resides in creating a profound sense of inner contentment, irrespective of external circumstances.

My work focuses on the inward journey, guiding women to embrace a life filled with meaning and genuine fulfilment.

Mission and Purpose

Emma is dedicated to leading women on a transformative journey toward their authentic selves. She is passionate about guiding women through the exploration of hidden emotions, unraveling conditioned patterns, and dispelling negative beliefs. Emma empowers women to illuminate the layers of their inner shadows, facilitating profound shifts and awakening in their lives.

Her vision is to empower women who are prepared to embrace their truth and break free from self-imposed or societal limitations. Emma provides unwavering guidance and support as women dismantle outdated thoughts and emotions. She inspires a perspective shift, encouraging them to view life not as a series of events happening to them but as opportunities for growth and transformation. Her goal is to empower women to reclaim their power, recognizing every person, experience, and challenge as an invitation for personal evolution. Through this journey, Emma aims to liberate women to reconnect with their authentic essence—WORTHINESS—and take aligned action toward lives that reflect their highest self-worth.

Emma’s approach assists women in stepping into their worthiness, translating it into tangible actions in the real world—such as establishing healthy boundaries, releasing what no longer serves them, and making decisions rooted in a profound sense of self-worth.