Are You Ready to Embrace Your True Self and Transform Your Life?

Welcome to Aurora

A 12-week programme designed to guide you through a profound journey of healing, discovery, and empowerment.

Break Free with the Aurora 12-Week Programme

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Power?

You’re standing at the crossroads of now and your potential future.

One path looks familiar—paved with the same habits, fears, and disappointments.

The other?

It promises something different: transformation, authenticity, fulfillment.

But to embark on this journey, you must make a choice.

Do you continue to let past wounds dictate your life, or are you ready to confront them head-on and emerge stronger, empowered, and genuinely alive

The Stagnation Cycle

You’ve been running on a hamster wheel, chasing after fulfillment, joy, and purpose, only to find yourself back where you started.

The truth?

Real change isn’t about accumulating more accolades or possessions.

It’s about diving deep into the essence of who you are—beyond the scars, beyond the societal labels.

Have you ever felt like you’re living someone else’s life, playing a role that no longer fits who you truly are inside?


The Aurora 12 Week Programme

This isn’t your typical self-improvement course.

Aurora is a rebellion against superficial fixes and band-aid solutions.

It’s a commitment to unveiling the authentic you, the person unburdened by others’ expectations and your own limiting beliefs.

Our Approach

At Emma Henry Kinesiology, we fuse the precision of psychology with the depth of kinesiology, guided by a profound understanding of behavioral analysis and emotional energetics.

Our approach is both an art and a science, designed to peel back the layers of what’s been holding you back, revealing the powerhouse of potential that lies within.

Are you tired of the endless cycle of self-doubt and ready to step into your power?

The Science Behind Transformation

Aurora stands on the shoulders of giants—integrating the rigor of psychology with the holistic insights of kinesiology.

This dual approach ensures a 360-degree exploration of your emotional being, leaving no stone unturned in your journey to self-discovery and healing.

Do you feel the call to dive deeper into your own story, to uncover the narrative that truly defines you?

The Aurora Promise

In the Aurora programme, I promise to hold a safe space for you to explore and heal childhood wounds and navigate the shadows that have followed you into adulthood.

You are not embarking on this journey alone.

We’re here to guide you every step of the way—from shedding the weight of your past to stepping confidently into your future.

 This programme is your beacon of hope, a testament to the unwavering strength and brilliance that’s been within you all along.

Isn’t it time you lived a life that’s not just survived, but thrived?

What You’ll Overcome

Subconscious Sabotage

Free yourself from the chains of past traumas and discover peace.

Limiting Beliefs

Shatter the glass ceiling of “I can’t” and embrace a world of “I am.”

Emotional Barriers

Heal your wounds and find strength in vulnerability.

What You’ll Learn

Authentic Connection

Rediscover the essence of your true self and live in alignment with your deepest values.

Resilience Techniques

Equip yourself with strategies to navigate life’s storms with grace.

Boundaries for Well-being

Learn the art of saying no, so you can say yes to what truly matters.

Client Testamonial

“Emma is an incredible inspirational woman and she has turned my life around. After spending thousands on self help gurus and getting nowhere, and still feeling lost and stuck, I came across this wonderful woman through a friend. She has helped me work through things I didn’t even realise were keeping me stuck. She has helped me find my own self worth. Since working with her my business has won multiple awards and after being single for 12 years the love of my life and soul mate walked into my life – no dating sites, no bar hunting, he literally walked into my business and now 18 months on and planning our future.  I would highly recommend doing Emma’s programme, as she is on the other end of the phone when you need her throughout your journey. I am and always will be forever grateful to have found this incredible woman” Jacqueline Lightbody

The finer details

When you join Aurora, you receive a comprehensive support system designed to catalyze true transformation:

  • 4 x one to one sessions: Personal sessions dedicated to allowing any energy that has prevented you from embracing your worthiness to be acknowledged, felt, and transformed.

  • Weekly WhatsApp support: Direct support as you confront and begin to integrate your emotional wounds, ensuring you’re never alone on this journey.

  • Weekly guidance: Tailored advice revealing the specific age and emotion to be integrated, using guided meditations, journal prompts, acupressure, water affirmations, and harmonic codes.

  • Comprehensive workbook: A meticulously crafted workbook to document your journey, tracking your progress and revelations every step of the way.

Empowering women to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from living a deeply fulfilling life is more than my profession—it’s my driving force.

Witnessing clients claim their authentic selves, fully embracing their worth and moving through life with deliberate grace and power, is profoundly rewarding.

In the span of 13 years, I’ve refined the practice of living in true alignment, ensuring every choice I make resonates with the deepest aspects of my authentic self.

Confronting and healing my childhood wounds, and facing my shadow, has been transformative—enabling me to lead a life rich in purpose and aligned with my core desires.

Are you ready to embark on your journey towards empowerment?

Together, we can chart the course to your empowered self.

Emma x

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Are you ready to break free and flourish?

Because you’re not just anyone, you’re a force to be reckoned with.

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