Transpersonal Chakra Kinesiology

This two-day Transpersonal Chakra Kinesiology course enlightens your path as we explore the six Transpersonal Chakras – Earth Star, Causal, Soul Star, Stellar Gateway, Universal and Divine Gateway.

These extraordinary chakras connect you from the deepest roots, ancestry and DNA to your Soul energy and Universal connection. Balancing these chakras allows lessons, genetic history and karmic patterns to the surface while activating soul acceptance, enlightenment, unity and your spiritual truth and purpose.

Discover how to open up the doorways to your unlimited self to create a feeling of oneness through all areas of your life.  Illuminate your soul and surrender to the flow of all consciousness beyond matter whilst exploring the universal energy of the stars, sun, moon, planets, galaxy and other realms!

Marvel at how incredible it is to connect to your Soul on all levels, raise awareness, shift energy and balance our fascinating chakra energy system. Delve deep into the Transpersonal Chakras and allow yourself to let go of the physical, tune into the higher realms and connect to something far greater than you.

Learn practical easy to use tools and techniques to understand and integrate all the facets of the Transpersonal Chakras through the use of crystals, essential oils, affirmations, sound, colour, figure 8’s, spiral energy, spiritual practices, Nature’s Healing Chi and so much more!

Course Content

  • The location, chakra mode testing position, colour, energy, prana, aura, purpose, embrace, spiritual lesson, activation and connection of the 6 Transpersonal Chakras – Earth Star, Causal, Soul Star, Stellar Gateway, Universal, Divine Gateway.
  • The qualities and emotions of each chakra
  • Emotional indications of a balanced and imbalanced chakra
  • Willingness, Connection Points, Universe Connection, Surrogacy and Goal Setting.
  • Finger modes used to tap into chakras as well as finger modes for specific techniques and all correction remedies
  • How to identify when a chakra is out of balance or low on energy through muscle reflex testing and why the chakra is imbalanced including specific wording to enable awareness for the client plus using age recessing and area of involvement
  • Detailed Transpersonal Chakra remedy information and practical application for the following natural healing remedies:
    • Crystals
    • Essential oils
    • Chakra Balancing Sprays & Oils
    • Colour
    • Sound
    • Flower Essences
    • Aura-Soma Colour infused oils
    • Oracle/Healing Cards
    • Affirmation
    • Activities & Spiritual Practices
    • Nature’s Healing Chi ~ Shells & Feathers
    • Shamanic Healing Tools
    • Crystal Pendulums
    • Figure 8’s
    • Spiral Energy
    • Hands-on energy healing
    • Emotional Stress Release (ESR)

Accreditation and Assessment Information

Course Hours
16 hours – face-to-face classroom hours
15 hours – Out of class time which includes an online assessment and 6 x case studies
Total Course Proficiency Hours = 31 hours

Association Accreditation Hours
Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) – 26 hours Category “B”
Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK) – 26 hours

Competency Requirements and Outcomes
Students Students will be required to demonstrate competency in written and practical assessments with a 75% pass mark. Six case studies and an online written multiple choice and short answer assessment must be completed post course to obtain proficiency. 

A Certificate of Attendance will be issued via email for 16 hours after completion of class face-to-face hours. Once successful competency requirements have been met a Certificate of Proficiency will be issued via email for 31 hours.

Course Pre-requiste
Kineasy Intro Course. Confident muscle testing, circuit locating and circuit retaining mode with stacking is required.