Awaken your client’s true potential

This one-day Therapist Techniques workshop has been designed for holistic therapists wishing to explore the hidden depths of the emotional realm with their clients and support them as they face the emotions they have been taught to resist.


For the most part our clients have an awareness that they feel anxious, sad, angry or heartbroken but for many there is a knowing that there is more to discover and resolve. These are the emotions have been pushed down for years, even decades, hidden away in a secret location where your clients have forgotten how to reach them. These emotions that have been so diligently avoided and denied are what give rise to how your clients feel, what they experience and what they attract into their lives.

Presented by Emma Henry, Rainbow Kinesiologist, this powerful Therapist Techniques workshop will enable you as the therapist to guide and support your clients as they journey inward to discover the unprocessed emotions and memories waiting to be acknowledged and healed.

This Therapist Techniques workshop offers holistic therapists a unique way to

  • identify priority suppressed emotions
  • release them via the Meridian Energy System
  • stimulate the 5 senses
  • integrate the energetic transformation into the physical.

By bringing attention to what is going on within, your clients can discover the light and truth of themselves, taking responsibility for their emotions and becoming the leaders of their own journey.

Discover more about the Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology courses taught at Rainbow Kinesiology here.

Things we’ll cover

Holistic therapists will gain demonstrable competency in:

  1. Elimination of emotional compensations via connecting with the truth of the heart.
  2. Identifying priority emotions hidden and suppressed beneath the fear, grief, sadness, anger and worry.
  3. Discovering the specific characteristics and functions of the 14 Meridians.
  4. Location of the beginning and end points of the 14 Meridians in the body and how to shift emotional blockages using these channels.
  5. Location and use of Neuro-Emotional Reflex Points to release pent-up emotions.
  6. How to support an emotional balance using the 5 senses:
    1. Colour
    2. Vibrational flower essences
    3. Tuning forks
    4. Essential oils
    5. Meridian tapping
  7. Gait-centering technique to ground what has been shifted into the physical.
  8. Balance figure 8 energies allowing blocked energy to flow.
  • The Therapist Techniques Workshop has been Accredited by the Energy Kinesiology Association and Certification Board. The workshop has been awarded 8 Credits/CPD points.

“As a Reflexologist and Energy worker the techniques I learned and practised on the Emotional Truth Workshop is exactly what I was looking for to support my clients go deeper into releasing suppressed emotions.

Emma’s presentation style and course booklet were excellent. Although the workshop was very full I never felt overwhelmed and I loved the balance of theory mixed with practice.

Emma is very open and provides excellent aftercare and recommendations on sourcing materials. This is one of the best workshops I’ve been on and would highly recommend it as an add on to your existing skills.”

Debbie, Reflexologist & IET Practitioner

Having done this workshop myself, I can honestly say that it is an experience and an opportunity not to be missed. A very empowering and beautiful day presented so very well by the gifted Emma Henry. I am very excited and can’t wait to share it.”

Miriam, Aura-Soma Practitioner, EFT Practitioner & Yoga Teacher

“What a fantastic workshop. We covered and learnt so much valuable information and developed new skills. Every question was answered and so much knowledge was shared. A beautiful day shared with the loveliest ladies. Thank you Emma Henry for sharing your wisdom and energy with us.”

Emma, Bio-Kinesiologist

“Thank you for such a lovely day Emma. An amazing workshop with such lovely people. I look forward to using these powerful techniques with my clients. I highly recommend this workshop to all Practitioners.”

Rachelle, Bio-Kinesiologist & Reflexologist

“I feel so blessed to have come across this workshop with Emma. From the first point of contact to the follow up, Emma has exceeded all my expectations. What Emma has put together is exceptional. The space provided at Rainbow Lighthouse is so peaceful, calm and serene. I will certainly do more training with Emma. She has a wisdom and manner beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. I truly cannot wait to help spread the word of finding our Emotional Truth in my practice”

Tara, Bio-Kinesiologist

“The Emotional Truth Workshop I attended  on the 21st July was brilliant. Emma is a lovely, very competent teacher, whose relaxed style puts all participants very quickly at ease. I am a Chartered Physiotherapist in Energy Medicine and, as the name does imply, I am, besides a  “normal” Physiotherapist, recognised by the Chartered Society for Physiotherapists for my holistic approach and energy work.

However, the workshop has given me a great frame work to use all kinds of additional tools and ties a lot of loose ends together, now allowing me to use many new aspects in my treatments, specifically for emotional release. Though lessening over the years, to some extent there has always been a distrust of my own intuition in the background when not working in the accepted “Physiotherapy Way”, but I feel more confident now to work intuitively”

Juliette, Physiotherapist, Reiki Practitioner & Yoga Teacher

“I completed the Emotional Truth Workshop with Emma! Had such an amazing day and learned so much! Emma teaches with such passion and we never seen a minute go by with the fun we were having! I can’t wait to use these new techniques in my therapies and will definitely be back for more workshops and laughs”

Wendy, Reiki Practitioner

“Working as an Aromatherapist already tailoring oils to suit the individual clients I wanted something more that I could use to help them on levels they maybe didn’t realise needed any help. Emma delivered the workshop beautifully without any feeling of being overwhelmed and her guidance is second to none. The follow up advice and information is honestly the best I’ve ever seen from any workshop provider. This is a fantastic workshop that enables you to offer so much more to your clients and yourself”

Nikki, Aromatherapist