Mastery of the Five Elements Core Essence and Character

This two-day Accredited Mastery of the Five Elements Core Essence and Character Kinesiology course encompasses Traditional Chinese Medicine in an easy learning, practical and effective way.

Learn all about the Elements and gain a deeper understanding of the true essence of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Discover how these Elements manifest in the Universe around you as well as within your body, mind and thoughts. You will also connect with how they influence your character as well as how you view the world.

Explore and experience how imbalances within the Elements can give rise to an array of physical and emotional imbalances within the body. Using muscle testing identify and locate which Elements are out of sync and learn how to use Acupressure points as well as other correction techniques to gain optimal balance within the body.

Have fun and enjoy the Constitutional Profiling element of this course where you discover which Element you are, providing an opportunity to understand on a deeper why you are ‘you’.

mastery of the five elements

Course Content

  • Yin and Yang
  • The Law of the Five Elements including Cycles, Relationships and Interactions of the Five
  • The Five Elements in Nature: movement, season, climate, developmental stage, colour,
    taste/flavour, odour/scent, time of day, direction, planet, grain.
  • In depth look and understanding of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Five Elements (Fire,
    Earth, Metal, Water, Wood): essence, meridians, organs, sense, tissue, fluid, appearance,
    expression, spirit/psyches, emotions, feeling, ways of reacting, basic need, spiritual issue, virtues,
    way to correct imbalance, physical indications of imbalance, emotional/spiritual indications of
    balance and imbalance.
  • Constitutional profiling of all the Five Elements to discover your own constitution and how to
    determine other people’s and how this impacts your life. Profiling comprises of: body type (hair,
    eyes, face, complexion, body antics), movement, traits, self-talk, coping response and life issues,
    and all your favourite things! This process if very profound and changes your perception, it
    provides an appreciation and understanding of yourself and others with compassion.
  • All about the Hara and its relationship to the body including how to test and identify when an Element is imbalanced through use of the bodies beautiful Hara using muscle reflex testing
  • Element Acupressure points (ie. Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood points), for each Element taught in a meaningful, practical ways which are quick, easy and effective to use to provide deep healing, energy, grounding, balancing, relaxation and flow, direction, strength, power and transformation. These can be a balance in themselves!
  • Detailed element remedy information and practical application for: Element Acupressure points; Essential Oils; Element Balancing Oils & Sprays; Crystals; Colour; Sound; Flower Essences; Nutrition; Affirmations; Activities/Spiritual Practices; Shamanic Healing Tools; Emotional Stress Release (ESR); Oracle/Healing Cards; Energy healing; Nature’s Healing Chi; Plus more!
  • Skills and techniques to communicate and connect openly and genuinely with your client to build trust, open up their heart and allow them to feel (which is all part of the healing as ‘feeling is healing’)
  • Full step by step Balancing Protocol including an easy to follow template session sheet for the Five Element balance and the Constitutional Profiling.
  • Practical application of the full Mastery of the Five Elements balance including using all remedies on other workshop participants.

Accreditation and Assessment Information

Course Hours
16 hours – face-to-face classroom hours
15 hours – Out of class time which includes an online assessment and 6 x case studies + 3 x Elemental Profiling case studies
Total Course Proficiency Hours = 31 hours

Association Accreditation Hours
Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) – 26 hours Category “B”
Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK) – 26 hours

Competency Requirements and Outcomes
Students will be required to demonstrate competency in written and practical assessments with a 75% pass mark.  Six Element case studies and three constitutional profiling case studies must be completed post course to obtain proficiency.

A Certificate of Attendance will be issued via email for 16 hours after completion of class hours.  Once competency requirements have been met a Certificate of Proficiency will be issued via email for 31 hours.

Course Pre-requisite
Kineasy Intro Course.  Confident muscle testing, circuit locating and circuit retaining mode with stacking is required.