Mama To Be Workshop Series

This workshop was created and birthed by Emma – Throughout Emma’s pregnancy she realised that was a lack of support in terms of dealing effectively with the different emotions that arise as a direct result of pregnancy.  Emma studied hypnobirthing techniques as well as having great support from her midwifes and was feeling very prepared in terms of the physical aspects of pregnancy i.e. what to expect, and what would/could happen.

Emma quickly realised her training and work as a Kinesiologist was what would help her through the emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy. This highlighted that other pregnant women may not have these tools at their fingertips.

When women are pregnant, we go into a very different state of being, it can be a very lonely place to find yourself. It can feel like we lose ourselves completely, and in ways that is the case as this new little entity rests within our physical body. Old memories and feelings can surface from our own upbringing and how we were mothered that make no sense at all. On top of this are the days where we are ‘over-emotional’ and just spend the time crying for no apparent reason only to be told ‘its your hormones’. Yes, physically our hormones are playing a part, but it is the emotions that are rising up to be shifted as the child grows in the womb that are at the root of these emotional breakdowns.

Mama To Be Workshop Series

The power of Kinesiology techniques are that they connect you with what you are experiencing, why you are experiencing it, why you are feeling certain emotions, why you are thinking certain thoughts, why you don’t have clue what is going on, who you are or where you are going.

Kinesiology can quickly tap into the emotions and state of mind that is being expressed and get to the root cause as to why this is happening within us.

Using various different remedies such as flower essences, sound and specific acupressure points you can quickly shift your state of mind so you don’t have sit for 3 days weeping and not knowing why you feel this way. You have the power to turn it around very quickly enabling you to enjoy your pregnancy and prepare yourself for becoming a mother by addressing these emotions and the questions they bring with it.

See this as an amazing opportunity to not only birth your child but to birth yourself. This workshop is suitable for anyone in the community who is currently pregnant and would like to connect with other like-minded souls to rediscover themselves and learn techniques to further their growth and self-development.