Kineasy Intro Course

Kineasy Intro Course is the introductory beginner course and the first step to becoming a Kinesiology Practitioner. This is the ideal course for those who want to learn energy muscle testing to use on friends, family or to enhance their existing therapy practice.

This popular course will enable you to master the art of Kinesiology by opening up a conversation with the sub-conscious mind to discover stress imbalances and how to correct them.

Working with deep and empowering goals that focus on the emotional and metaphysical causes of physical, mental and emotional stresses allow profound transformation to occur.

Once a goal is established you will learn to use energy muscle testing skills to facilitate a Kinesiology balance. You will learn how to use age regression to go back in time to discover where the stress or pattern first occurred and if anyone else was involved. Using specific finger modes you will delve deep to discover the priority cause of the imbalances that are online for your client.

You will learn how to work with various remedies and corrections to align your client with their goal. Discover how to work with crystals, essential oils, vibrational flower essences, colour therapy glasses, colour light torches, singing bowls, affirmation cards and oracle cards to promote balance and harmony.

The Kineasy Intro Course is a prerequisite for all other Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Courses.

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Kineasy Intro Course Content

  • What is Kinesiology and muscle reflex testing?
  • What Kinesiology may assist you with and the benefits of Kinesiology
  • Accurate indicator muscle reflex testing – standing & lying (i.e. how to muscle test!)
  • Circuit locating and challenging
  • Muscle reflex testing pre-checks (Hydration, Central Meridian Energy, Brain Switching Points,
    Nervous System, Thymus Energy)
  • Inhibited (over-facilitated) muscles, plus how to correct these
  • Indicator change of an indicator muscle
  • Skills and techniques to communicate and connect openly and genuinely with your client to build
    trust, open up their heart and allow them to feel (which is all part of the healing as ‘feeling is
  • A unique way to turn physical symptoms and emotional stressors into setting an empowering goal
    or intention and how to use a context in a balance
  • Circuit retaining mode and jaw stacking for holding depth in a balance
  • Emotional stress release (ESR)
  • Willingness statements
  • Connection Points – Spirit / Body-Heart / Mind / Earth
  • Age recession to age of cause or age of best understanding
  • Muscle reflex testing for involvement of self, others, circumstance, spirit
  • How to test for emotions held in the body
  • How to tap into all the senses – sight, hearing, feeling, smell, taste, intuition
  • All about and how to use natural healing remedies in kinesiology balances including their
    metaphysical energy. You will learn: essential oils, crystals, colour, sound, flower essences,
    wellbeing balancing oils, clearing spray, affirmations, emotional stress release, oracle healing
    cards and so much more.
  • Kinesiology self testing with “yes” or “no” answers and how to use a pendulum for self-testing
  • Full setup balancing protocol including a step-by-step easy to follow template to use on clients
  • Plenty of practice time on massage tables to feel comfortable and confident attending other
    advanced kinesiology courses

“I feel absolutely honoured and blessed to have been a part of this class. A truly life changing experience”


“Fabulously written course manual presented and taught by a fabulous teacher. Emma is an amazing teacher and reassurance was given throughout the days”


“Emma is the best person in the world to facilitate this wonderful course. The course itself is so powerful and is going to have so many positive benefits. Truly life changing. This course is exactly everything the world needs in the here and now”


“The course and Emma was amazing and exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Kineasy”


“Life changing course, very informative with lots of practical and of course with the amazing tutor – Emma”


Accreditation and Assessment Information

Course Hours
16 hours – face-to-face classroom hours
11 hours – out of class time which includes an online assessment and 6 case studies
Total Course Proficiency Hours = 27 hours

Association Accreditation Hours:
Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) – 20 hours Category “A”
Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK) – 20 hours

Competency Requirements and Outcomes:
Students will be required to demonstrate competency in written and practical assessments with a 75% pass mark. Six case studies and a written multiple choice assessment must be completed post course to obtain proficiency.

A Certificate of Attendance will be issued via email for 16 hours after completion of class face-to-face hours. Once successful competency requirements have been met a Certificate of Proficiency will be issued via email for 27 hours.

Course Pre-requisite:
Nil – anyone can attend!!