Balance and Flow Wellbeing Workshop

balance and flow well-being workshopDo you feel…

  • Stressed
  • Overwhelmed
  • Flustered
  • Mentally and physically exhausted
  • Over-emotional
  • Like life is moving too fast and you are missing everything
  • In fight or flight mode
  • Just not coping

Are you…

  • Lacking flow in life
  • Stuck in a cycle
  • Stressed all the time
  • Trying to get everything perfect
  • Struggling to keep up
  • Putting everyone or everything else first
  • Saying yes too much
  • Creating unrealistic to do lists
  • Lacking work/life balance
  • Pushing yourself too much

If any of the above speaks to you then join me in this intimate Wellbeing Workshop, designed to allow participants to connect, learn, heal and grow.

In this Wellbeing Workshop we will be delving into the underlying issues around why you are putting pressure on yourself resulting in you feeling constantly stressed and lacking balance in your life.

We will dig deep, share stories and learn lots of self-healing techniques, tools and information to assist your healing journey. The focus will be on emotions and the connection these have on the body plus how to use beautiful natural healing remedies such as crystals, essential oils, flower essences, nutrition, affirmations and other beautiful balance and flow techniques to allow you to…

  • Experience balance and flow in your life leaving you feeling clear-headed
  • Feel free, light, centred
  • Focus on the things that matter
  • Feel balanced and able to go with the flow.

Come away with tools, techniques and natural remedies all on a reference chart and a beautiful custom handmade gratitude gift to support your workshop experience and healing to enable you to move forward and embrace life.

This workshop is suitable for anyone in the community who shares a passion in health and wellbeing or who would like to connect with other like-minded souls to rediscover themselves and learn some easy, light-hearted information to further their growth and self-development. No knowledge of healing, kinesiology or muscle testing is required for this workshop

Balance and Flow Wellbeing Workshop Information

Duration: 3 hours
Investment: £100 (includes Gratitude Gift)
Prerequisite: None – Anyone and everyone welcome