Welcome to our Women’s Circle

The monthly Women’s Circle brings together a group of liked minded sisters, created with the intention of breaking down and through the inner and outer barriers, that prevent us connecting with our true essence.


The one thing, that women share with me in clinic on a regular basis, is that they have lost touch with the essence of who they are. It can be difficult to maintain a connection to self and be in the flow of positivity and inspiration when our past memories, behaviours, habits, thoughts, feelings, emotions and relationships continually show up to remind us of our disappointments, perceived limitations and vulnerabilities.

Joining together in a group provides incredible support, encouragement and inspiration to break through the barriers that have been created within and without. It illuminates our inner power, our strengths, gifts, and talents that we may not have been able to discover on our own.

Despite our individual differences we all experience the same collective thoughts, feelings, hopes and losses. Together, as a group, we all know how difficult life can be and collectively we all hold the same core issues at the centre of our being. Rather than drowning in these overwhelming emotions we bring them into conscious awareness, in order to shift them and raise our vibration.

Coming together as a circle of women allows us to open up and reveal our vulnerabilities, to be real, raw and honest with ourselves, all the while being held in a supportive and sacred energy. This allows us to reach inwards, begin a relationship and rediscover ourselves.

Together we will become one with our body, mind and spirit, bridging the gap that exists within ourselves.

The Women’s Circle will create a space to:

Embody the energy of The Armour of God/Light and allow it to flow into all areas of your life

  • Truth – bring awareness and insight to truth of who you are.
  • Integrity – to act, think, behave in a way that is aligned to the truth of who you are. To embody the essence of integrity in your interactions with self and others. To listen to your Heart.
  • Peace  – tap into the energy of peace. This can be accessed when you release what no longer serves you. To respond rather react. To rise higher and see things from a different perspective. This inspires others that you connect with as you journey through life.
  • Faith – belief in self. To know that you are more than the physical body and the thoughts you hear in your head. To trust in your journey, the lessons you are learning and what is unfolding.
  • Focus – bring awareness to your self-talk. To shift your focus to ensure that what you are exposed to is of a positive vibration.
  • Protection – be mindful of energy that affects you negatively. To put in place healthy boundaries.

Work with natural remedies and techniques  as we share together

  • Meditation/Silent reflection
  • Breath-work
  • Sound
  • Colour
  • Flower Essences
  • Essential Oils
  • Aura-Soma
  • Oracle Cards
  • Journaling

Women’s Circle intention:

  • Set an individual and collective goal for what we want to create, experience, bring into our lives
  • Consciously examine and tune into any symptoms manifesting in our physical bodies
  • Identify what emotions, life lessons, chakra imbalances, meridian imbalances are at the core of our limiting beliefs
  • Create space to reclaim our power by connecting with the parts of ourselves we have forgotten and bring into consciousness all that is keeping us stuck in a state of disconnect
  • Where:  The Little Yogi Studio, 529 Antrim Road, Belfast, BT15 3BS

  • Date:  Monday x May 2023

  • Time:  11:30am – 1pm

  • Investment:  £20

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