Kinesiology uses the gentle art of energy muscle testing to open-up and engage your body’s intelligence in conversation.

This allows Emma to speak to the true voice within you, your higher, true and powerful self to discover what is blocking you from standing in your truth and owning everything you deserve in this lifetime.  

Your body’s intelligence knows and has recorded all of the experiences you have ever had, feelings you have ever felt and thoughts you have ever thought. It holds all your belief systems and information about your physical, emotional and spiritual being. It also holds your genetic memory including everything ever done by your parents, grandparents and ancestors before you were conceived, and it holds the blueprint for your physical body.

It is an amazing storehouse packed full of information and Kinesiology muscle testing can help to bring to conscious awareness limiting and conditioned beliefs that are not in alignment with your desired goals in life. It allows Emma to determine where exactly these beliefs have come from, the exact location of the blockage in your energy, and how to begin to dissolve them.

Emma works with all the major bio-chemistry pathways in the body to ensure they are functioning as they should. Kinesiology allows any nutritional deficiencies within the physical body to be addressed and the appropriate remedy advised to restore bio-chemical pathways.

Kinesiology uses a variety of balancing techniques to re-integrate all the parts of you and bring them back into resonance and harmony. The treatment is conditional upon what the body’s intelligence says its needs to unblock the energy. Discover more about the benefits of Kinesiology here.

Remedies and balancing techniques include:

Stimulating meridian acupressure points
Applying essential oils
Repeating affirmations
Improving the bodies nutrition with vitamins
minerals or homeopathy
Taking vibrational flower essences
Chakra coloured glasses
Tuning Forks
Neuro-Lymphatic stimulation
Neuro-Vascular touch points
Eye rotations
Cranial corrections
Grounding and centering techniques
Emotional stress release, And so much more

How often will I need a session?

The answer is simple. You must commit to your own personal mountain. You truly are a mystery and if you desire change in your life you have to keep wanting to learn, explore and discover more. It is a continual journey of looking inward and refining the self.

Action is the building block to growth. You must book and show up for your sessions. Follow and act upon the advice given and give yourself permission to achieve your goals.

Each client’s treatment plan is tailored to suit their goals and desired outcome. It is a process of peeling back each layer before moving onto the next.

For new clients I recommend 3 sessions, on a monthly basis, to address and identify the root cause of your particular stress or imbalance.

Many of the clients I work with continue to return for maintenance Kinesiology sessions on a 3 monthly basis

What to expect after your session?

How you will feel varies depending on the individual and what you are working, processing and breaking through. There may be a mix of feelings rise to the surface as you release that which no longer serves you in achieving your goal. Be gentle with yourself, listen and observe how you feel after each session as the energy integrates.

During your Kinesiology session there will be a lot of awareness brought from your body’s intelligence to consciousness. It can take anything from 24 hours to 3 weeks to fully integrate all that is revealed. There may be very strong and obvious changes or smaller subtle changes towards your goals following your session. It is important to trust the process.

Expect to:

Feel really happy, light, excited, confident and clear like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

Be not quite sure how you feel. Some clients can feel overwhelmed and emotional and may need a few days and some quiet time to process what has shifted and notice a change

Occasionally feel worse (temporarily), tired, or a little bit up and down. There may also be times when you have memories pop into your mind or emotions come to the surface. This is always a sign that a really big shift has taken place and you are processing a lot. If you do experience this response it doesn’t tend to last very long and when it shifts you will feel much better.