Welcome to Soul Space,
Online Group
Kinesiology Balance

Soul Space is a monthly online group Kinesiology balance, created with the intention of releasing unprocessed emotions and life experiences that prevent us connecting with our true essence and living our purpose.

Many of us want to create change in our lives and start our journey of transformation filled with hope and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to maintain the flow of positivity and inspiration when our past memories, behaviours, habits, thoughts, feelings, emotions and relationships continually show up to remind us of our disappointments, perceived limitations and vulnerabilities.

Joining together in a group each month provides incredible support, encouragement and inspiration to be a powerful force for positive change. It illuminates our inner power, our strengths, gifts, and talents that we may not have been able to discover on our own.

Everyone is connected through and to the same universal consciousness. Despite our individual differences we all experience the same collective thoughts, feelings, hopes and losses. Together, as a group, we all know how difficult life can be and collectively we all hold the same core issues at the centre of our being. Rather than drowning in these overwhelming emotions we bring them into conscious awareness, in order to shift them and raise our vibration.

For the most part, the voice in our head is operating off a programme based on fear, self-doubt and past negative experiences. In order to reconnect with our true essence, we must reach inwards and rediscover that we are all Sacred Beings, not the negative patterns, emotions, life experiences that we think define us. Together we will become one with our body, mind and spirit, bridging the gap that exists within ourselves.

Each month we will explore and open up to:

The energy of Acceptance flowing into all areas of our lives

  • Acceptance of all the unpleasant events or situations that we have experienced
  • Acceptance of the child within us
  • Acceptance of ourselves and others as they are
  • Feeling accepted and wanted
  • Recognition and acceptance of our work, achievements and endeavours
  • Knowing we are enough just as we are

Changing negative and conditioned patterns that determine our lives

  • Free ourselves from habits and repetitive patterns that do not serve our highest good
  • Release the negative beliefs we hold about ourselves and our lives
  • To clearly perceive all the behaviours, thoughts, feelings and emotions that keep us stuck in our lives because they are familiar and make us feel safe
  • To learn the lessons and not have to repeat them
  • Connect with the wisdom of what life’s challenges have taught us. Remember, our souls’ purpose is to grow, learn and come to new understandings.
  • Effortlessly flow and adapt to new situations, circumstances, surroundings and people

Soul Space Balance intention:

  • Set an individual and collective goal for what we want to create, experience, bring into our lives
  • Consciously examine and tune into any symptoms manifesting in our physical bodies
  • Identify what emotions, life lessons, chakra imbalances, meridian imbalances are at the core of our limiting beliefs
  • Reclaim our power by connecting with the parts of ourselves we have forgotten and bring into consciousness all that is keeping us stuck in the past and afraid of the future
  • Where:  Zoom meeting room. You will receive a Zoom email notification containing a link which will gain you access to the Kinesiology group balance

  • Date:  Tuesday 17th September 2019
  • Time:  8 pm

  • Investment:  £10

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