You will find me in my Belfast clinic where I offer a safe holding space to guide clients towards their truth.

Clinic hours:

Tuesday 11am – 5pm

Wednesday 5pm – 9pm

Thursday 5pm – 9pm

Friday 5pm – 9pm

Saturday 9am – 5pm

    What to expect

    Kinesiology sessions are gentle and nurturing and through energy muscle testing can communicate to you where the cause of your body’s stress is coming from enabling your mind, body and spirit to naturally heal itself. The initial Kinesiology session is always a little longer allowing time to complete a new client information form.  From here we can then discuss what has been going on in your life, what challenges or issues you may be facing, any physical symptoms of illness or pain you may be experiencing and basically get clear on what you are hoping to achieve from working with me.

    Once your intention for the session has been established, using Kinesiology energy muscle testing, I identify what and where the priority imbalances are that are preventing you from achieving your goals. Discover more about the benefits of a Kinesiology session here.

    What can Kinesiology help with?

    • Kinesiology sessionsAddictions (sugar, emotional eating, smoking, drugs, alcohol)
    • Anxieties and fears
    • Clarity / clearer mind
    • Clearing emotional stressors
    • De-activating and releasing self-sabotage programs, limiting belief systems, patterns, behaviours, attitudes and genetic programming
    • Emotional cycles of grief, loss or guilt
    • Fatigue / tiredness / dizziness
    • General health and well-being
    • Gut Health (digestive imbalances, food sensitivities, diet adjustment, constipation, diarrhoea, etc.)
    • Happiness – finding your true soul passion & purpose
    • Headaches & migraine
    • Incontinence
    • Increasing energy & vitality
    • Letting go and releasing held in emotions (i.e. anger, guilt, grief, fear, hurt, etc.)
    • Loneliness & feeling isolated
    • Mental health including depressive tendencies and mood swings
    • Money blocks & financial abundance
    • Motivation
    • Negative thought patterns and behaviours
    • Opening up your beautiful heart to trust, feel and love
    • Parenting stress / adjusting to motherhood
    • Physical pain, stress or dis-ease of any kind
    • Pregnancy related issues – difficulty conceiving, undertaking IVF, morning sickness, childbirth
    • Relationship difficulties or family disharmony
    • Restoring and settling the body & mind
    • Self-control
    • Self-esteem, self-worth & self-love
    • Skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, acne, rashes)
    • Sleeping difficulties, waking during the night & insomnia
    • Stress relief (work, personal, family, parenting, health, work/life balance)
    • Trusting
    • Weight loss and management strategies
    • Women’s health (PMS, menstrual pain, menopause, etc)

    Your body’s intelligence will reveal

    Where in the physical body the imbalance is rooted
    What life lesson are you currently working through
    What trapped and unprocessed emotions need to be integrated
    What age or life event has contributed to the imbalance

    Your body’s intelligence will then identify what techniques, corrections and remedies are required to restore balance and allow integration of everything that is not in alignment with your goals and what you want to achieve.  Each Kinesiology balance will be different from the previous as you unravel more of what lies within.

    During Kinesiology sessions vibrational flower essences will be identified to support the integration of your session in the mind, body and spirit following your session. You will receive a personalised essence remedy blended specifically for you and your particular needs.

    I will provide you with information about any nutritional support you may require and where you can purchase this. I will also share with you acupressure points to tap in the days following your Kinesiology balance.

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